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Willians Astudillo (Willians with an "n") is a catcher and utility player. He drew attention on the podcast due to his unusually low rates of walks, strikeouts, and home runs in the minor leagues. His rotund body shape is uncommon in a baseball player, and GIFs of Astudillo running the bases, hair flying, have become popular.

Astudillo gained national attention with his no-look pickoff of Shane Robinson during Spring Training 2018, discussed in Episode 1190: The No-Look Podcast. On June 29, 2018, Astudillo was called up to the major league roster for the first time, playing for the Minnesota Twins. He recorded his first MLB hit the next day.

From Episode 1270 to Episode 1299 the podcast arguably reached peak Astudillo, with Jeff Sullivan often going straight into discussing Astudillo news after being introduced by Ben, without even responding to Ben's "hello". In Episode 1277, Jeff did sneak in a quiet "hello" three words into his favorite topic.

The $5/month Patreon support tier has been named after Astudillo since November 2021.

Astudillo's nickname is "La Tortuga" (Spanish: "the turtle").

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