Effectively Wild Wiki

Hi, I'm Chris! I'm an Effectively Wild fan who has been a listener since reading The Only Rule Is It Has to Work.

During the day, I design and develop broadcast graphics for events, esports, and charity organizations. I end up studying a lot of scorebugs and sports graphics packages as a result of my career choice.

I'm an avid Twins fan and the majority of the emails I've sent to the podcast that made it on air have mentioned them in one way or another.

Wiki Wish List[]

These are projects I want to work on in the near future and their current status. Please pass along a message if you'd like to contribute to any of these.

Chris's Wiki Wish List
Project Priority Details Current Status
GonnyJomesBot High A PyWikiBot to make bulk editing of the wiki possible. IN USE
Team Pages Low Pages for all 30 teams that include Season Preview Episode stats and notable episodes Not Started
Updated Season Preview Page Low Get the tables up to date for the last five years Not Started
Meet a Major Leaguer Medium Upgrade the current page to have a more detailed table with more info about each player In Progress
Episode Browser High Somewhere on the wiki that makes finding recent episodes easier as sorting tends to put them last at the end of a VERY long list Not Started
Episode Infoboxes High Get some of the boilerplate info into a sidebar box and add Host, episode duration, and other quantifiers that can allow for better counting/filtering in other places COMPLETE!
Dead Links Monitor Low Have a periodic bot check wiki links, report dead links, and allow editors to replace with archive.org URL's In Progress
Episode Auto-Add Low take the tech used in ew-scrape and turn it into a bot that adds episodes by watching the EW RSS feed Not Started
Episode Navbox High Template to serve as a footer on episodes to allow you to quickly go to the previous or next episode chronologically COMPLETE!
Team Inline Icon Links Low Small templates that allow for easy linking of teams with their logo appearing next to the team name In Progress
Sabermetric Glossary Pages Low Pages explaining some of the advanced stats/tactics that feature on the podcast with links to episodes they're discussed Not Started
Guest Pages Update Medium Infoboxes, more data about guest appearances for those who have appeared frequently In Progress
Episode Transcriptions Low The holy grail: Every episode transcribed. Researching

Emails that they used on the podcast[]