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A true win (often capitalized as True Win) is an accomplishment in which a pitcher throws a complete game and hits more home runs than runs allowed. The term was coined by Sam's friend Russell and has become a standard term on the podcast.

  • Episode 1358: The term "true win" is introduced, and Ben and Sam do a Stat Blast discussing the frequency and variety of true wins.
  • Episode 1371: Noah Syndergaard records a true win.
  • Episode 1372: Ben and Sam debate whether no-hitters or true wins are more impressive.
  • Episode 1373: The Stat Blast studies whether no-hitters or true wins are rarer.
  • Episode 1715: German Marquez got an RBI to support his true win bid, but didn't get a home run.

Editor's note: Jason Jennings earned a true win on August 23, 2001 in his first ever MLB game! This game is another oddity in that Jennings's MLB debut was at the plate, not on the mound, because the Rockies sent nine batters to the plate in the top of the first. The game was noted in Episode 857, but the true win had not yet been invented at that time, so they didn't have a name for it.