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The dangers of trampolines became a recurring theme during Jeff Sullivan's tenure as podcast host.


In Episode 3, Jeff Sullivan was a guest. Coincidentally, there was an unrelated discussion of Joba Chamberlain's recovery from a trampoline accident, foreshadowing a recurring topic to come.

In December 2015, Jeff revealed in a FanGraphs interview that he and two other friends injured themselves during a visit to a trampoline gym, leading to his crusade about the dangers of trampolines.


Jeff joined as a co-host of Effectively Wild in 2017.

Episode 1012 was the first time Jeff brought up the topic of trampolines on the podcast, responding to the report that Kike Hernandez was spotted at a trampoline gym.

In Episode 1014, Ben recalls Joba Chamberlain's gruesome injury he suffered when jumping on a trampoline with his son. In Episode 1119, Ben blames the trampoline for Chamberlain's retirement.

In Episode 1029, a listener shared trampoline injury statistics.

In Episode 1065, Ben and Jeff note the introduction of the Illinois Trampoline Safety Act. (After the episode aired, the act was passed by the legislature but vetoed by the governor.)

In Episode 1035, a listener relates a story about a trampoline injury that affected an unnamed future baseball player. In Episode 1040, that player is identified as Garrett Stubbs, who appears as a guest on the podcast.

In Episode 1038, the podcast discovered a baseball use for trampolines.

In Episode 1053, a listener email used a trampoline injury in a hypothetical.

In Episode 1091, Ben compares skateboarding to trampolining.

In Episode 1126, Ben and Jeff note a tweet that said, "This is the season of the trampoline baseball."

In Episode 1144, Ben and Jeff banter about pitchers on a trampoline.

In Episode 1169, Ben and Jeff react to a photo of Mike Trout on a trampoline.

In Episode 1172, Javier Baez was spotted on a trampoline.

In Episode 1180, Jeff reacts strongly to a Bill Gates endorsement of trampolines.

Jason Benetti[]

Broadcaster Jason Benetti has made several references to trampolines, which were noted on the podcast in Episode 1046 and Episode 1117.

In Episode 1277, Benetti appeared as a guest and made a whimsical trampoline reference.