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Click "edit," then copy/paste sections below into a new episode page. Delete unused sections. Do not make/save changes within this template file.


{Copy/paste from FanGraphs episode page and italicize}


  • {List or summarize the main topics, noting prominently mentioned players or teams and making internal wiki links to them (even if those pages have not been created yet). For each topic, include a timecode at the end, using this format: ([INCLUDE A DIRECT LINK TO THE MP3 HERE#t=3930 1:05:30]). This will create a URL that links directly to the episode MP3 at the defined timecode. This will not work if the download link isn't set at the top of the article!}


{- If Applicable, list any asides or off-topic banter made during the opening segment of the show that doesn't neatly fit in the above topics list.}

Email Questions

  • {For EMAIL episodes: note the question asker, transcribe the question, and link prominent teams and players.}

Stat Blast

{For STAT BLAST segment: transcribe the scenario that the host is trying to answer (you do NOT have to transcribe the method used within the Stat Blast, but note its findings or other pertinent info.)}


  • {List noteworthy tangents, quotes, highlights, miscellany not covered above.}


  • {Link to the episode at FanGraphs, then any articles or web pages that are mentioned in the episode.}

^ copy to this point

Add ""Episodes"" as a Category at the bottom along with a category for the year of the episode and categories for each main host and guest (you may need to publish the page first). Do the same for "Email Episodes", "Draft Episodes", "Season Preview Episodes", and "Guest Episodes" as necessary.

Categorising/Sorting In order to sort the episodes correctly, go to the source editor ("source" tab or a three-line icon), and include the following code inside double curly brackets with the correct episode number in a five-digit format: would be for Episode 1171 - make sure to add a second bracket either side.