Rich Hill is a starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Emailer "James" first brought up the question of a potential contract in #735, after his three good starts for Boston in late 2015. Sam said 3 yrs/$30M, and Ben 1 yr/ $10M. In #769, they discuss his actual contract from the A's, and in #890 they start projecting his 2016-17 free agent contract (a recurring topic throughout the season; they ended at 3 yrs, $65M). After Dodgers manager Dave Roberts pulled Hill after 7-perfect innings (and 89 pitches), Ben and Sam had an Emergency Weekend Podcast (#952) during which Andy McCullough, hesitant to offer him a more than two years, said "I want to believe in the magic of Rich Hill . . . he seems like a nice guy, the best pitcher I've ever seen." Hill's final contract with the Dodgers was 3 yrs/$48M, which Ben and Sam talked about in #986. Hill remains alive and well in the Facebook group, frequently ruining or improving user polls (depending on your point of view) by others adding his name as an option, regardless of the topic.