"Stat Blast" art posted by Kyle in the Facebook group

The Play Index segment used the Baseball Reference Play Index research tool to answer a statistical question put forth by the segment host or a listener. The segment continues under the name Stat Blast after the sponsorship ended.

Play Index era Edit

Sam introduced the Play Index as part of listener email episodes.

The Play Index did not become a sponsor until Episode 387, at which point listeners could get a discount by signing up with the promo code "BP." The first official Play Index segment came in Episode 391, and dealt with the drop in triples in the American League since the 1970s.

Stat Blast era Edit

Around the time of the show's transition to FanGraphs, the Play Index sponsorship was ended and the segment was continued by Jeff but without an official name.

On Episode 1146 in December 2017, Jeff had decided on "Stat Blast" as the name of the segment. An intro theme performed by Ben's wife, Jessie Barbour, was later added to the segment in Episode 1152.

Hosting of the Stat Blast segment transitioned back to Sam when Jeff left the podcast.

During the baseball shutdown of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, Ben used performances of the Stat Blast theme contributed by listeners. See Facebook group: 2020 Season for details.

Stat Blast Theme LyricsEdit

They'll take a data set sorted by something like
ERA- or OPS+
And then they'll tease out some interesting tidbit,
Discuss it at length, and analyze it for us
In amazing ways
Here's today's
Stat Blast!


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