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Starting in November of 2021 with the expansion of Patreon rewards, the podcast began to release bonus episodes on the Patreon platform for members contributing at least $5 a month. These are intended to be more free-wheeling conversations that are less focused specifically on baseball, and can also host AMA sessions for Ben and Meg to answer off-topic questions.

List of Bonus Episodes[]

Episode Date Description
1 November 30, 2021 Listener Email AMA
2 December 31, 2021 Books, movies, and other media they enjoyed in 2021
3 January 31, 2022 Listener Email AMA
4 February 28, 2022 Draft of modern technologies we take for granted
that would have blown our mind when we were kids
5 March 30, 2022 Listener Email AMA
6 April 30, 2022 Low-stakes rants