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Ned Garver was a pitcher from 1948 to 1961.

In Episode 722, Sam Miller discussed an unusual 1949 game in which nine St. Louis Browns pitched one inning each. Garver was one of them, and Ben and Sam were able to cold-call him during the recording of the episode and talk at length. Amicable and sharp, Garver instantly became the most popular guest in the history of the show.

In Episode 788, many listeners reported writing letters to to Garver and receiving signed baseball cards in return.

In Episode 1025, Ben and Jeff noted with sadness the passing of Ned Garver on February 25, 2017 at age 91.

In Episode 1317, it was noted that Ned Garver started a gimmick game where fans were allowed to vote on managerial decisions.

In Episode 1413, it was noted that Garver was the last pitcher to be credited with an outfield assist until Vince Velasquez did it in August 2019.

Ned Garver won Banished to the Pen's 2016 Wild Four tournament.

The $10/month Patreon support level is named after Ned Garver.