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For the first few years, the podcast typically recorded five episodes per week, which meant that it could get into a situation where the number of the final episode of each week was a multiple of five.

This happened for the first time in Episode 70. Ben called out this fact, explaining that he had been looking forward to it since the podcast started. "It appeals to my sense of symmetry. So we can never miss a day again, is what I’m saying." Sam replied, "Unless we miss a whole week, which I’d be just fine with."

Ben would call out when the final episode number of each week was a multiple of five. Sam, on the other hand, was rarely aware of the pattern.

  • Episode 109: Eight Questions (and Answers) for the End of the Year: Not a multiple of five, but Ben and Sam calculate when the next multiple of five will occur, assuming they take holidays off.
  • In Episode 207, Sam wonders whether Ben would record a solo show, because the upcoming Memorial Day holiday would otherwise break the streak. Ben says he'd have to get a guest because no one would want to hear him alone. (He ended up not doing it.) This is a rare instance of Sam initiating discussion of the pattern.
  • Ben recorded Episode 485 on July 4 with guest co-host Russell Carleton, specifically to end the week on a multiple of five. In Episode 486, Sam says that "I actually find that fairly grotesque" that Ben recorded on a holiday just to end on a multiple of five.
  • Episode 493: Listener Emails for Your Off-Day: Ben notes, "If anything were to happen to me [while on vacation], I would want you to end the week on a multiple of five." Nothing happened to Ben, and the streak continued.
  • Ben recorded Episode 745 solo specifically to end the week on a multiple of five.
  • All episodes that reference multiples of five

"Multiple of five" stopped being a curiosity after the podcast switched to producing three episodes per week.


No other streak was longer than 3 weeks. Honorable mention goes to the 3-week streak from Episode 740 to Episode 750, which was broken for an unusual reason: Ben and Sam recorded a sixth episode that cause the next week to end on Episode 756 instead of the regular 755.