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The Lindbergh Burrito Method was first described by Sam to guest Russell Carleton in episode 635:

"I'm going to describe to you the way Ben eats a burrito. He picks it up as you might a harmonica, and he eats the middle while pushing the outer sides inward, like one of those Chinese acrobats who juggles three blocks by holding one block between two others, his hands are the two blocks and the burrito is the one in the middle. He exerts constant pressure on the outsides so it will stay together, and it gets smaller and smaller until it is done. Somehow, mysteriously, like magic there is a half a tortilla at the bottom of his bowl. It was the weirdest thing I've ever seen. It was very gerbil-like and so weird."

Ben adds that it's like eating corn-on-the-cob, and that there's "very little spillage."

After the episode, members of the Facebook group would post photos of themselves trying the technique with varying results.

The Lindbergh Burrito Method was an 8th seed in Banished to the Pen's 2015 Wild Four tournament. It lost in the first round to "Squeaky Laugh." It was a 4th seed in 2016 and lost to eventual winner Ned Garver in the second round.