Jeff Sullivan is a co-host of Effectively Wild and writer at FanGraphs. Jeff was announced as Ben Lindbergh's new permanent co-host after Sam Miller's departure in episode 1000, though his first episode as co-host was not until 1006.

Before becoming a permanent co-host, Jeff appeared on several Effectively Wild episodes:

Additionally, Jeff held a monthly appearance with Carson Cistulli as part of FanGraphs Audio. Jeff's appearances on FanGraphs Audio became less frequent after becoming Effectively Wild co-host.

Jeff holds a fondness for hockey and the outdoors (particularly mountain-climbing and volcanoes), as well as a fear of trampolines.

Jeff is a Mariners fan who started blogging about the team at Leone for Third in 2003, and as a founder of Lookout Landing in 2005. He later wrote for SB Nation MLB before being hired at FanGraphs. His writing has appeared on, FiveThirtyEight, Slate, and Just A Bit Outside.

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