Effectively Wild Wiki

The Effectively Wild Wiki serves as a reference aid cataloging over 1700 podcast episodes, the wider community, and their respective chronicling of Major League Baseball. Because of this, keeping the wiki up to date, organized, and useful is a big job that requires a lot of assistance from listeners.

This guide is evolving!
As the wiki grows, the hope is to automate multiple aspects of page management, but there will always be a need for human editors. Keep an eye on this page to learn about updates to the editing process!

Adding New Episodes[]

Effectively Wild generally uploads 3 new episodes a week, and the goal is to have new pages up as soon as possible. If one hasn't been added yet, follow these steps:

  1. Verify that the episode has not been claimed on the Episode Signup Sheet. If unclaimed, enter your name on the corresponding row.
  2. Create a new page using the text input on the front page sidebar with the title in the following format: Episode XXXX: Name of Episode. Do not add "Effectively Wild" at the start.
  3. To add the episode content to its page, you have two options:
    1. Copy the source code of the Episode Template into the page and fill out the page manually.
    2. Use the EW-Scrape chrome extension on the episode's Fangraphs page to generate a fully populate template in your clipboard.
  4. For Email Episodes, gather questions from the Email Question database to add to the page. Whenever possible, use this method rather than attempting to transcribe!
  5. Follow the remaining template instructions inside the pasted text to finish the page and save it.
  6. Create a new page with a title consisting of just the episode number with no extra text, and redirect it to the corresponding episode page. Example: 1745
  7. Enjoy the warm feeling of satisfaction you've earned from helping keep the wiki up to date!

Adding Episode Timecodes[]

We recently added a new feature to Episode pages that can directly link to an episode's mp3 with a timecode pre-queued, allowing for users to immediately listen to a section of the podcast they're looking for without having to try and manually search through the episode. While we've gone through and added these links to existing timecodes present in episode descriptions, most topic lists or other sections still don't have any entries to update.

(To see this feature in action, see Episode 1745: The State of the Starting Pitcher.)

To add timecodes, follow these steps:

  1. Open an episode page that needs timecodes added, and click edit.
  2. Listen to the episode, and flesh out any topics as needed on the page.
  3. For each topic, add a timecode at the end of the entry noting when the relevant conversation begins using our custom template. For example, if you wish to link an episode at 1:02:59, enter ({{tcl|tc=1:02:59}}). (The parentheses are not required for the template to function, but are used for cleaner formatting.)

Linking Players and Teams[]

In older episodes, many mentions of players or baseball teams are not linked. Having these items linked is extremely helpful for research, even if no page exists for them. Some guidelines to follow:

  • If a player or team is linked at least once on a page, subsequent links are not required, though don't hurt anything either. Use your best judgement.
  • Ensure that links use a player's full name, even if the player is only referred to by their last name or similar.
  • Team links should use a team's full name, such as Seattle Mariners.
  • For Cleveland, link to Cleveland Guardians. If the name "Cleveland Indians" is included in the original episode description, please keep there, as these are intended to archive the actual episode text that was included in the RSS feed.
  • For linking to a current franchise's previous incarnation, link to their current team. For example, if you were referring to the original Washington Senators, you'd input [[Minnesota Twins|Washington Senators]].

Linking Guests[]

Guests on the show should have their names linked for better research functionality.