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In the early days of the podcast, Sam recorded from inside his Honda Fit, a fact which was mentioned frequently. Sam reportedly did this so as not to bother (or be bothered by) his family during recording.

In Episode 5, a listener asked with some concern whether Sam was living in his car.

One of the first posts to the Facebook group was that of an attractive model with a Honda Fit, posted on August 5, 2013. The first comment was "Not what I expected Sam to look like."

When Ben and Sam met in March 2015, Ben got to ride in the now-famous vehicle. Ben posted a simple message to Facebook: "I'm in the Honda Fit."

In 2020, Honda announced that it was discontinuing the Fit in the United States.

In Episode 1602, Sam is disappointed to learn of its demise and reminisces on the early days of the podcast. He estimates that about 100 episodes were recorded from the Fit. Sam recalls that problems with WiFi reception forced him to move out of the Fit, and he recorded many episodes standing outside his garage door. Sam finds the name "Fit" doubly-apt: He has not yet found something that doesn't fit inside, yet the car itself is small, so it fits in many places.