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Ben, Sam, Grant Brisbee, and Jeff Sullivan produce a sequel to Episode 500 by drafting 12 more things about baseball.


  • Baseball things draft


  • Ben reviews the selections made by everyone in Episode 500.
  • Ben, Grant, and Jeff knew what the topic of the episode would be beforehand but Sam did not.

Draft Selections[]

  • Jeff's Picks: The Baltimore Orioles offseason rumor-mill, Fernando Rodney, and Bill Bergen.
  • Grant's Picks: The sadness of undoing your rally caps, home run reactions from pitchers, and how talented umpires are.
  • Ben's Picks: Players being afraid of weather, pitcher's bodies when they are throwing, and Mike Trout.
  • Sam's Picks: The worst ever sacrifice bunt, Matt Kemp's rap album, and "Phil Niekro being old".


  • Sam details when Terry Francona called for a sacrifice bunt against Mark Wohlers, a pitcher who had the yips and was struggling to throw strikes. Sam thinks that Francona was trying to be kind to Wohlers calling for the bunt.
  • Jeff says that Fernando Rodney is a player that you love more when he isn't on your team.
  • Sam recalls how several years ago Matt Kemp tweeted that he was "in the studio" working on his rap album.
  • Bill Bergen had a career wRC+ of 22 and he had a -13.5 career WAR.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 996: The Second Draft of Things About Baseball