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Ben and Sam revisit their conversations about Cubs-parade attendance and multiple Andrew Millers, banter about Eddie Gaedel, and discuss which teams will see their World Series odds improve or decline by the most before Opening Day.


  • Pre season World Series betting odds
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Chicago White Sox
  • Houston Astros
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • New York Mets


  • Episode 975 follow-up: A listener wrote in that the official estimate for Cubs' parade attendance was 1.5 million, which did not include people watching from houses or office buildings.
  • Episode 975 follow-up: Sam wonders what the free agent salaries would be for multiple Andrew Millers if they in different roles.
  • Sam read the short story You Could Look It Up which supposedly inspired Bill Veeck to sign Eddie Gaedel.
  • They discuss other examples of short professional baseball players and the challenges of pitching to a small strike zone.


  • Sam notes that the World Series odds have still not been updated since November, indicating what a strong bet it is for bookies.
  • Ben picks the Tigers' odds to fall, the White Sox to fall, the Phillies to rise,
  • Sam picks the Angels' odds to rise, the Astros to rise, and the Mets to fall.
  • Ben and Sam conducted a similar exercise in Episode 572 and Episode 804.