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Ben and Sam banter about Clayton Kershaw and clarify five-man infields, then discuss who would be on a baseball Mount Rushmore and dig through Sports Illustrated’s archives to pinpoint what makes Vin Scully so great.


  • Baseball's Mount Rushmore
  • Vin Scully
  • Branch Rickey
  • Moving from New York to Los Angeles
  • Vin Scully's objectivity
  • Use of silence in broadcasts
  • Marvin Miller


  • Getting used to Clayton Kershaw's total dominance.
  • Difference between a walk-off five-man infield and a five-man infield during a normal game situation.


  • Ben says the first three people on his baseball Mount Rushmore would be Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, and Branch Rickey. Sam says he doesn't think those names are up for debate, and only the fourth spot is open. Ben thinks Vin Scully has a case to be the fourth.
  • Sam finds a long profile of Vin Scully from 1964 referring to him as one of the greatest broadcasters ever. At the time he was 36.
  • Sam thinks that the Dodgers should have a day where Vin Scully's radio broadcast is piped in through the stadium speakers.
  • Sam, upon the realization that Vin Scully's career overlapped with Connie Mack's. "His career is one removed from slavery.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 909: Vin Scully Meets Mount Rushmore