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Ben and Sam answer listener emails about whether the Marlins or Astros will win more games in 2013, who’ll be the next retiring player to get the Chipper Jones treatment, when Yasmani Grandal will play for the Padres, and how the Angels should align their outfielders.


  • Miami Marlins & Houston Astros 2013 win predictions
  • Yasmani Grandal
  • Player retirement tours

Email Questions[]

  • James: "Hello, in the wake of the big trade there is an obvious question: who will win more games in 2013, the Marlins or the Astros? [Sam skims the email] The Marlins had a 14 game head start on the Astros but the Marlins have done a lot more work to get worse this offseason, and the Astros are also changing divisions in a most disadvantageous way."
  • Saxon: "My question is in regards to Yasmani Grandal's 50 game suspension. I'm curious what you guys feel is the timeframe for his return after the 50 games. I ask because a similar issue came up during this season in regards to Melky Cabrera. The Giants had the option to bring back Cabrera but chose not to with Bochy saying something to the effect that Cabrera wouldn't be in form after a lengthy suspension."
  • James: "I was thinking about Chipper Jones' farewell tour this season with all the gifts bestowed upon him. Who do you think will be the next player to experience this?"
  • James (different listener): "The Angels have said their outfield will be Trumbo, Bourjos, and Trout next year. Given that they have two amazing ground covering outfielders, does it make any sense to play Trumbo in center, and have Trout and Bourjos play the corners with a huge shade towards center field?"


  • Ben thinks that the Astros will win more games in 2013, and he thinks the Marlins may still sell this offseason. Sam agrees that the Astros will win more.
  • Ben & Sam discussed the decision to bring back Melky Cabrera in Episode 50.
  • Sam thinks that Mariano Rivera is the next best candidate for a retirement gift tour. One component is that the player still needs to be good enough that 'it isn't embarrassing'.