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Ben and Sam banter about Lloyd McClendon’s new managerial job, then talk about Aroldis Chapman being on the block.


  • Aroldis Chapman's trade value
  • Could Chapman be a starter?
  • How much leverage does Chapman have?
  • One-year contracts


  • Lloyd McClendon was hired as manager of the Toledo Mud Hens. Ben and Sam wonder if this is a more surprising move than Ruben Amaro, Jr. becoming the Boston Red Sox first base coach.
  • Pathways to becoming a MLB manager
  • MLB bench coaches


  • As Sam notes, Aroldis Chapman was a topic in Episode 1 of Effectively Wild.
  • Ben thinks that if Chapman demanded he be a starter, 20-25 teams would at least let him try it out in spring training.
  • Sam wonders if Chapman has the ability to demand he start, and whether the fact that he has not pitched as many innings would make teams more willing to let him.
  • Ben says he would pay up to $25 million for a one-year contract for Chapman.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 773: The Aroldis Chapman Trade Discussion