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Ben and Sam discuss what the Ervin Santana trade says about the Royals’ rotation and the pitching market, then talk about what Rick Hahn’s ascension to the GM role in Chicago means for the future of front offices.


  • Ervin Santana trade
  • Kansas City Royals' rotation
  • Rick Hahn
  • Front office structures


The Hurricane Sandy waters around Ben have begun to recede.

Email Question[]

Dane: "I am a Royals fan who hopes some rotation help is coming soon. David Glass in some media outlet has stated that the club would be looking to bolster the rotation and Dayton Moore has discussed trying to do so via free agency or trade. Can you discuss the potential starting pitcher possibilities for the Royals including but not limited to the following names [Ben does not read the names]. What pitchers might make the most sense for the Royals? are there any DFA'd players... [Sam interjects]. Love the podcast; highlight of my day when I can shut my door and listen in."


  • Dane's email is the first listener email read on the podcast.
  • Are there early indicators that the 2013 pitching market will get expensive for teams?
  • The Royals' 2011 slogan was 'Major League Moments'.
  • Actual GM responsibilities and the structure of front offices are becoming less clear.