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Ben and Sam join/are joined by Carson Cistulli of FanGraphs for a longest-ever episode about the worst predictions teams and players made about themselves, Bryce Harper’s historical significance, and the baseball players who led the league in our hearts in 2012. We talked for almost an hour, so adjust your commutes accordingly.


  • Revisiting player and team predictions
  • Bryce Harper's age 19 season
  • Was Harper's season more impressive than Mike Trout's?
  • League leaders of your heart


  • When discussing Carson's pumpkin Beer, Ben says, "I found that the ladies like their pumpkin flavored beverages." Sam says that this is the first time Ben has made him laugh.
  • Carson discusses the variety of intro sounds that Ben and Sam uses, asking if he thinks it "humanizes them for their listeners".


  • Many Baseball Prospectus staff members picked the Baltimore Orioles to finish last in the AL East.
  • Mike Scioscia said in Spring Training that Bobby Abreau would get at least 400 plate appearances for the Angels, but he was released in April.
  • Carson says that Max Scherzer is the league leader of his heart this season. Carson says that Scherzer said he would pitch different game-to-game when PITCHf/x came out to see the differences.
  • Ben picks R.A. Dickey and Fernando Rodney as the league leaders of his heart for the season.
  • Sam picks Sean Doolittle as the league leader of his heart.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 56: A Very Special Simulpodcast with FanGraphs Audio