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September 15, 2014

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Ben and Sam compare Kershaw to Pedro and discuss Ned Yost’s bullpen usage, Russell Martin’s fitness, and Jenrry Mejia’s save celebration.

Topics Edit

  • Ned Yost's reliever usage
  • Postseason managerial moves
  • Jenrry Mejia's save celebration

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V.I.C., "Wobble Baby"

Banter Edit

  • Episode 473 follow-up: Nick Markakis' chances of getting MVP votes
  • Annual articles about how Russell Martin is in the best shape of his life
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates have the fewest games lost to injury this season.
  • A listener wrote in to say that the ball is almost always thrown out after an infield grounder.
  • Clayton Kershaw's dominance and comparing him to Pedro Martinez

Notes Edit

  • This season Clayton Kershaw's second worst game score was 56. That is the average game score for Stephen Strasburg.
  • Kershaw's ERA this season is 1.70. In 2000 Pedro Martinez finished the season with a 1.74 ERA.
  • While Mejia's save celebration could have upset some players, Sam thinks that "if you get away with it once you're good forever."

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