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August 5, 2014

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Ben and Sam talk to ESPN Chicago contributor Sahadev Sharma about the arrival of Javier Baez and the future of the Cubs.

Topics Edit

  • Javier Baez call-up
  • Leadership roles
  • Javier Baez's potential
  • Why Baez before Bryant?
  • Final phases of the Cubs rebuild

Intro Edit

Joan Baez, "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue"

Outro Edit

Pre-interview banter - work/life balance is the subject

Notes Edit

  • Sahadev Sharma believes Baez can challenge for MVP awards
  • Service time manipulation makes no sense for Sahadev. He can see why it wouldn't matter for replacement level players to be kept from the majors, but it makes no sense in a case like Bryant's - believes the CBA needs to address the issue
  • Theo Epstein's plan was for a "behemoth of position players" for the Chicago rebuild
  • Jon Lester signing with Cubs in the off-season is predicted
  • Contrasting the Astro and Cub rebuilds
  • Baez as highest rated prospect to debut for Cubs since Mark Prior

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