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Ben, Sam, Grant Brisbee, and Jeff Sullivan draft their favorite things about baseball.


  • Baseball things draft


  • Sam and Ben say that Grant and Jeff are the two baseball writers that they love the most. Jeff notes that Sam recently called Ben his favorite baseball writer, and says he must make a choice and "tread carefully".
  • Grant says that the word 'unfurl' is one of his favorite words. Sam recently learned the word borborygmus and says it sounds 'cute and funny and whimsical' but he read it in the context of trapped Chilean miners.

Draft Selections[]

  • Sam's Picks: Babe Ruth (and Ernie Shore), radio commercials during baseball broadcasts, and GMs making predictions.
  • Grant's Picks: The Other Ryan Braun, when baseball players are mentioned in rap or hip-hop lyrics, and searching for players with "dirty words in their name on Baseball Reference".
  • Jeff's Picks: Petco Park scoreboard faces in 2005 or 2006 (Jeff isn't sure), reactive player expressions, and John Olerud's tree battle with his neighbor.
  • Ben's Picks: PITCHf/x, different field dimensions, and platoons.


  • Ben, Sam, Grant, and Jeff returned for Episode 996 to conduct a second draft of baseball things.
  • Ernie Shore threw a combined no-hitter with Babe Ruth. Ruth only pitched to the first batter; he was ejected after walking the first batter and subsequently getting in a fistfight with the umpire.
  • There is a side discussion of which baseball players have the best eyes that includes Buster Posey, Ryan Doumit, Kris Bryant, Hunter Pence, Jeff Francouer, Max Scherzer, Howie Kendick and Jacoby Ellsbury.
  • Jerry Crasnick's annual GM predictions have been discussed in Episodes 573, 763, 974, and 1136.


  • Effectively Wild Episode 500: The Somewhat Special 500th Episode