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Ben and Sam revisit their discussion from last week on aces in October, talk about the new old Ichiro, and tell you more than you need to know about Orioles starter Steve Johnson.


  • Ichiro Suzuki's production on the New York Yankees
  • Steve Johnson is Sam's new favorite Oriole


Ben revisits the discussion on playoff aces from Episode 47. In general Ben feels that all teams getting to the playoffs will have good rotations, and teams with weaker pitching may compensate in other ways. Sam disagrees considering that a top pitcher will throw a greater percentages of a team's innings in the playoffs.


  • Ichiro's post-trade production was also discussed in Episode 5.
  • Since the trade Ichiro is hitting .331/.356/.481.
  • All Baseball Prospectus annual comments about Steve Johnson start with the fact that he is the son of former Orioles pitcher Dave Johnson.
  • In 33 innings Johnson has a 1.62 ERA and 43Ks
  • Sam: "So that's the end of our show we'll be back tomorrow with topics you'll like more".