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Ben and Sam discuss the significance of the large number of teams still in contention.


  • Parity
  • Playoff chase
  • Changing impact of payroll
  • Second wild card
  • Houston Astros


  • Ben gives a pre-episode correction segment to note changes in playoff odds since he and Sam recorded the episode.
  • The episode had to be rerecorded because the audio file did not save after the first recording. This previously happened once before during the recording of Episode 235.
  • Webb/Albers: Sam says a lot of the notifications they get about Ryan Webb or Matt Albers pitching are premature to a save opportunity.
  • Max Scherzer ended his streak of games started without finishing when he threw a complete game against the White Sox.


  • Sam, "I like to think that every morning Ryan Webb gets up and looks in the mirror and says, 'Today is the day'".
  • 25/ of 30 MLB teams are within 5 games of a playoff spot (including wild card). 20 of 30 are within 3 games. This is the most ever through this date in MLB history (1994 is 2nd, per the pre-episode correction).
  • Sam notes that revenue sharing has been a significant boon to small market teams that previously had no chance to compete on a regular basis.
  • Sam really likes the second wild card and says that it almost seems like an Effectively Wild listener suggestion that creates, "an ephemeral playoff spot".