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Ben and Sam talk to Charlie Wilmoth about his new book about the Pirates and the psychology of Pirates fans.


  • Is the Pirates winning good or bad for Charlie's book?
  • Impact of winning on Pirates' fans
  • How perennial losers affect baseball
  • Why root for the Pirates?
  • Comparing Pirates & Astros fans
  • Tanking vs. being a perennial loser
  • How will the Astros bring back fans?
  • Value of a winning season
  • When will the Pirates win another World Series?
  • Being an optimistic Pirates fan



  • The Orioles pied their mascot after a walkoff.
  • Charlie thinks that it was better for his book that the Pirates won last year.
  • Pirates fans underestimate how much past bad management has hurt Pirates.
  • Charlie almost quit blogging after the Pirates picked a reliever 4th in the draft.
  • Pirates' fan bonding started once the losing ended.
  • Charlie thinks a total teardown like the Astros would be less depressing than the Pirates' continual losing.
  • Charlie says some old Pirates fans may stay away but new fans will come to the Astros after their rebuild.
  • “It felt like the Pirates didn't really try this past offseason “ - Charlie


  • Effectively Wild Episode 437: Charlie Wilmoth on the Pirates and the Psychology of Rooting for a Perennial Loser