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April 25, 2014

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Ben and Sam discuss which teams have seen their chances of making the playoffs change the most since Opening Day.

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  • Moby Grape - Changes

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  • Mike Carp pitched 1 inning gave up 5 walks, and only gave up 1 run, the first line of its kind.

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  • Buck Showalter thinks Ryan Webb is "capable of doing more." Following the Webb-Albers updates, Ben says (in reference to their streaks of games finished without a save), "Gosh, I hope someone else cares about this story as much as we do."
  • While bringing up Mike Carp, Sam says it just occurred to him that his name is a decent pun for "mic harp."
  • Biggest playoff of declines in odds are the Rays, 2nd is Mariners, Padres, Pirates, then the Diamondbacks.
  • Biggest playoffs increases in odds are the Brewers, Braves, Rangers, A’s, and the Yankees.
  • Sam still thinks the Rays are favorites to win division, and financially need to make playoffs.
  • The guys don't think the change is concerning for Robinson Cano.
  • If Ben had to write an article about Miguel Cabrera or Robinson Cano negative contract, he would pick Miguel Cabrera.
  • Sam asked Ben buy or sell CC Sabathia, Ben picked hold then buy.

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