Date Edit

September 6, 2012

Summary Edit

It’s an all-AL East episode, as Ben and substitute co-host Jason Wojciechowski discuss a counterproductive proposal to fix what ails the Yankees, then talk about the latest Bobby Valentine controversy.

Topics Edit

  • New York Yankees
  • Bobby Valentine's latest comments in response to him 'checking out'

Intro Edit

Boxing fight bell ding sound clip

Banter Edit

Jason is recording at his home from 'the cat bedroom'. Ben is allergic to cats.

Notes Edit

  • This is Jason Wojciechowski's first appearance on Effectively Wild.
  • This is the first episode that Sam has missed.
  • Difference between relying on the home run in the regular season and playoffs.
  • The Yankees recently lost the last remaining bit of a once 10 game division lead.
  • Jason: "Should managers threaten to punch radio hosts?"
  • Bryce Harper is hitting .333/.380/.742 since Ben and Sam wondered in Episode 23 if the Nationals would bench Bryce Harper.

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