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Ben and Sam consider whether the ballpark might be to blame for the Rockies’ lackluster first two decades, then discuss the annual phenomenon of attendance shaming.


  • Is Coors Field to blame for the Colorado Rockies struggles?
  • Attendance shaming


Ben is back from British Columbia, Sam is recording with the Honda Fit door open.


  • The Rockies are currently experimenting with pitch limits and a four man rotation, part of a long history of experiments to be successful at Coors Field. Ben is skeptical that Coors is fully responsible for their issues.
  • Are players justified in calling out fans for not attending games?
  • Sam: "They're not, as far as I can tell, actually rounding up Orioles fans who don't go to games and shooting them in a public square. That would be unacceptable attendance shaming...I wonder how many people would show up for the execution of Orioles fans who didn't go to games if they held them in Camden Yards."