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Ben and Sam select 20 minor league free agents with decent chances to see big league playing time in 2014.


  • 2014 Minor League Free Agent Draft

Draft Selections[]

Ben's Picks Sam's Picks
Yamacio Navarro Shawn Camp
Fernando Martinez Matt LaPorta
Reid Brignac Aaron Laffey
Travis Blackley Ben Francisco
Alex Liddi Ross Wolf
Jonathan Albaladejo Jonathan Sanchez
Cory Wade Ezequiel Carrera
Quintin Berry Tommy Layne
Bill Bray Steven Tolleson
Mark Rogers Ed Easley


  • Minor league free agents have more than 6 years of minor league service time who are not on a 40-man roster.
  • Sam wins the draft with 353 combined plate appearances/pitcher outs to Ben's 93.
  • Ross Wolf had the lowest strikeout rate in 2013 of any relief pitcher with at least 30 innings pitched.
  • Jonathan Sanchez had the 4th highest percentage of pitches in the strike zone in MLB in 2013.


"We're going to do a draft today, and these don't always go well. We enjoy them, but they're horrible." - Sam

"Did [Carson Cistulli] determine what kind of minor league free agent tends to at least make the majors?" - Ben

"Yeah, he did. But under no circumstances am I going to tell you that. You should have done your research." - Sam