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August 29, 2012

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Ben and Sam discuss sabermetric managerial favorite Davey Johnson’s impact on the Nationals, whether certain managers can make their players play better, and what the ideal relationship between a GM and manager might be.

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  • Davey Johnson
  • Linking managers to player performance
  • Will players' performance improve with a manager they like?
  • GM-Manager relationship

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Crickets sound clip

Banter Edit

One listener complained about the cricket noises from Sam's garage, so he is recording in the Honda Fit with the door closed. Another listener commented in response to Episode 30 that Brian McCann hits into the shift very often, leading to a lower average and BABIP.

Notes Edit

  • Sam comments that the idea of Davey Johnson returning to Neutral Milk Hotel returning.
  • Davey Johnson is, when considering sacrificing and intentional walks, not that unorthodox compared to other managers.

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