Date Edit

August 21, 2012

Summary Edit

Ben and Sam discuss Kenny Williams’ contention that the poorly rated White Sox farm system is just misunderstood, then consider whether the Cubs should be concerned about Starlin Castro’s makeup.

Topics Edit

  • Chicago White Sox
  • Chicago Cubs
  • Starlin Castro

Intro Edit

Street Fighter II, "Guile's Theme"

Banter Edit

Ben and Sam discuss their recent bouts with various insects. Sam details that he may have finally gotten rid of the ants in his house, while Ben dealt with two wasps' nests recently. Ben refers to these events as 'insect genocide'.

Notes Edit

  • Is there a maturity aging curve, and how much should personality/makeup factor into contract negotiations?

Links Edit

  • Effectively Wild Episode 25: The Secretly Successful White Sox System?/Starlin Castro's Makeup Concerns