Date Edit

August 20, 2012

Summary Edit

The Rays demolished the Angels in a four-game weekend sweep, which gives Ben and Sam the idea to discuss the two teams’ divergent directions since the deadline and reevaluate Anaheim’s offseason approach.

Topics Edit

  • Los Angeles Angels
  • Tampa Bay Rays
  • Trade deadline

Intro Edit

Flipping card sound clip

Banter Edit

Sam says he spent his weekend killing ants and Ben spent his 'lounging by a pool in upstate New York'.

Notes Edit

  • How should teams value and trade for a chance at the single game wild card?
  • Should the Angel's performance this season change opinions on Jerry Dipoto?
  • Brief discussion about new GMs firing the current manager to install their 'own man'.
  • Sam, at the end of the podcast: "Ben let's wrap it up. Twenty-two minutes I believe, this is ridiculous".

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