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Ben and Sam discuss the significance of a potential big-league promotion for Jurickson Profar and investigate the link between Johan Santana’s no-hitter and his subsequent struggles.


  • Jurickson Profar expectations and how the timing compares to Machado being called up by Orioles
  • The influx of players being called up earlier and potential reasons why
  • Johan Santana being bad after no-hitter and if high pitch count in no hitter is a reason


  • Brad Penny comes out of pen and stinks and Sam is sad/mad
  • Derek Lowe had 4 strikeouts and Ben is happy


  • They talk about the 3 players who were age 19 or younger who played in MLB from 2000 - 2010, BJ aka Melvin Upton, Justin Upton and Wilson Bedemit.
  • Denny McLain won 114 games through age 25, after that he won 17 games