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May 20, 2013

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Ben and Sam talk about the circumstances under which they’d feel comfortable recommending that a manager be fired, then discuss different beliefs about hot streaks.

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  • Managers on the hot seat
  • Question from Dane (Kansas): "Does Ned Yost need to be fired? The Royals were off to a good start but have faltered lately. Kansas City seems actually trying to win this season and I'm wondering if a new voice might help the team not drop out of contention. I understand that a manager probably does not affect that much in terms of wins and losses, but a move could signal a heightened sense of urgency."
  • Origin of the term 'hot seat' (follow-up in Episode 207).
  • Wobbly Chair (originally called Wobbly Seat)
  • Hot streaks

Intro Edit

NBA Jam SNES, "He's on Fire"

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  • Ben says he binged episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation over the weekend.

Notes Edit

  • Sam estimates that 2-6% of a manager's job is visible
  • Sam on reliever usage: "If I had a good reliever I would destroy him with glee. It would be like a four year old roasting an ant with a [magnifying glass]. I would just torture him."

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