May 13, 2013


Ben and Sam draft starting pitchers age 25 and under, then discuss whether there's any significance to the fact that we haven't seen a no-hitter yet this season.

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Play-by-play audio clip of Philip Humber (then of the White Sox) completing his perfect game against the Mariners on April 21, 2012.


Ben and Sam draft starting pitchers 25 and under. Ben suggests only drafting 10 each out of 24 total, but Sam insists they draft all 24. Initially, the draft is for which players will accumulate the most WARP over the next 5 and 10 years.

Ben Sam
Clayton Kershaw Steven Strasburg
Matt Moore Madison Bumgarner
Shelby Miller Matt Harvey
Mat Latos Jose Fernandez
Chris Sale Mike Minor
Trevor Cahill Jarrod Parker
Alex Cobb Chris Tillman
Pat Corbin Jhoulys Chacin
Mike Leake A.J. Griffin
Jose Quintana Zach McCallister
Wily Peralta Vance Worley
Jeff Locke Alex Sanabia


  • When Ben explains the draft topic, Sam comments "These are my favorite, and the listeners' least favorite." Ben apologizes if that's the case.
  • When discussing how the draft winner would ultimately be determined, Sam says "You and I should know each other for a long time. I imagine we'll be in touch, certainly, a few months from now. I would hope at least six years, we'll be in touch?"
  • Both were hesitant to draft Sale earlier than they did because of injury concerns. His only sub-200 IP season in the five years since the episode was in 2014, when he missed one month due to an elbow injury.
  • Ben and Sam hope one of their listeners keeps track of the results. Someone did, and the results can be found in the Facebook group's files section. Following the 2017 season, Ben leads with 110 WARP versus Sam's 62.