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Ben and Sam discuss the short-lived success of starters without great stuff who rely on deception, then talk about Matt Harvey and the Blue Jays’ use (or abuse) of the waiver system.


  • Deceptive pitchers
  • Matt Harvey
  • Toronto Blue Jays
  • Casper Wells
  • Waiver system


  • Sam's parents visited with their 15 year old dog, and Sam was happy to see if play with his daughter. The dog can be heard drinking water in the background throughout the episode.
  • Ben saw the new movie Oblivion and enjoyed it. Both Ben & Sam express their like for Tom Cruise's movies.


  • Mike Fiers was sent to the minors by the Brewers.
  • Since being called up last year, Matt Harvey has the best ERA+ in baseball. Only three pitchers have a higher strikeout rate.
  • The Blue Jays are making a lot of waiver claims to build minor league depth. This is working against the intent of the waiver system.