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Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and Fox Sports national writer Pedro Moura discuss Pedro's new book How to Beat a Broken Game: The Rise of the Dodgers in a League on the Brink, then (18:54) preview the 2022 season in the American League West, team by team.


  • Pedro Moura's new book


  • Sam Miller wrote one of the blurbs of Pedro's book.
  • Pedro doesn't see the Dodgers not being good for a decade.
  • Pedro says that there will always be people who complain that baseball is broken.

AL West Season Preview

  • To spur discussion, Ben offers these topics: Best off-season move, strength, weakness, breakout player, best rookie, stories to watch. Not all topics are covered for all teams.
Team Move Strength Weakness Breakout Rookie
Houston Astros Justin Verlander Top 3 hitters Shortstop Jeremy Peña Jeremy Peña
Anaheim Angels Ohtani, Trout,
Brandon Marsh,
Jo Adell
Seattle Mariners Adam Frazier Competency No star hitter Jarred Kelenic Julio Rodríguez
Texas Rangers Marcus Semien Middle infield Back end of rotation Dane Dunning? Josh Jung
Oakland A's Nothing Catcher? John Fisher Cristian Pache
  • Astros
    • Yuli Gurriel reported to spring training "in the best shape of his life" for the second spring in a row.
    • Pedro jokingly asks what percentage of effort José Altuve is operating at, a callback to Episode 1295.
  • Angels
    • The Angels has failed to meet the FanGraphs projected win total for seven years in a row.
    • Pedro likes the relievers that the Angels acquired, but not so much the contracts they were given.
    • Pedro: "I'd like to know how many wins Ohtani and Trout could combine to put up and still have this roster miss the playoffs." If you omit the "miss the playoffs" part, the record is 24.2 by Ruth and Gehrig in 1927. Pedro thinks it's at the edge of possibility, assuming both remain healthy.
    • As amazing as Ohtani was last year, Ben thinks he can be even better this year.
  • Mariners
    • Pedro cites as the Mariners weakness that there is nobody to pace the lineup in hitting, or lead the team out of a slump. "There's no one you can count on to put up a 4+ win season."
    • Ben notes that nobody has listed Evan White as a possible breakout.
    • Ben has hope for the Mariners bullpen. Pedro says that he almost never considers the bullpen in his predictions because "they're unknowable".
    • Meg says that they might match last year's win/loss record, "but just deserved it more."
    • Ben notes that the Mariners are one of many teams who do not have a designated closer.
  • Rangers
    • Pedro cannot explain why the Rangers were unusually big spenders this off-season. This is not their year, but they're spending like it is.
    • Pedro can't remember how to pronounce Nathan Lowe's last name. "My Lowe's are all confused now. Oh my God, my Lowe's are all confused."
    • On Dane Dunning, Pedro says, "He's a major league pitcher, and that's not bad." Pedro has a bunch of half-breakout and quarter-breakout players, but no one he really expects to be great (who isn't already great).
  • A's
    • Pedro explicitly declines to name a best move. The team had a fire sale.
    • Ben begs someone to sign Yusmeiro Petit, "one of my favorite pitchers in baseball."
    • Pedro notes that the A's still have a number of good players like Sean Murphy, but no single facet of the team stands out; it's all been dismantled.
    • Pedro jokingly chooses James Kaprelian as his breakout "strictly for aesthetic reasons" because they like the same kind of music.
    • All three hosts bemoan owner John Fisher's active attempts to repel fans from coming to games.