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Ben and Sam answer listener emails about the worst team to work for, what baseball would look like without outfield fences, when it’s okay to give up on high draft picks, and how Mariano Rivera compares to top starting pitchers.


  • Marlins GM hypothetical
  • Worst team to work for
  • Baseball without outfield fences
  • High draft picks
  • Mariano Rivera and reliever value


  • Ben decides to no longer say where he and Sam are during the podcast intro.
  • In a follow up from Episode 162, Aroldis Chapman will be the Reds' closer.
  • In a follow up from Episode 112 and Episode 157, Kyle Lohse is still unsigned.

Email Questions[]

  • Michael: "If the phone rang and it was the Marlins, do you take the job?"
  • Sam paraphrases a question from Steve: "...to retain a live ball and get rid of outfield fences...This would enhance the value of speed and devalue fly balls...might be a more athletic game...you could still have stands in the outfield but they would have to be high enough to not interfere with most batted balls."
  • DP: "Yesterday the Royals' Ned Yost announced that Luke Hochevar was out of the running for the fifth starter spot and would be moving to the bullpen. It was an unpopular move by the Royals to offer him a contract, most fans would have chosen to part ways. Now the Royals seem to be stuck. How effective do you think Hochevar could be out of the pen? More importantly, when is the right time to give up on the first pick? Dayton Moore seems to be paralyzed by fear of releasing him and him going to have success with another franchise.
  • David: "I can't get my arms around the idea that 60 or so starting pitchers in the history of baseball are greater than Mariano Rivera (as career WARP stats would say). So maybe the real answer to my question is how many relievers, relative to starters, ought to be included in any all time team of 25 or 30 players? Is that a question for analysis or only for opinion?"


  • Sam & Ben would both take the job as Marlins GM. They do comment that the business side of teams has more power that perceived.
  • Sam requests that listeners send more weird baseball hypothetical emails.
  • Mariano Rivera's WPA in the postseason is 12 wins. Curt Schilling is next highest with 4 wins.