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Ben and Sam talk to former Los Angeles Dodgers General Manager Dan Evans about his history as a baseball renaissance man and his new roles with the Toronto Blue Jays and the Northern League.


  • Interview with Dan Evans
  • Dan's new job with the Toronto Blue Jays
  • GM interviews
  • Developing prospects vs. trading for win-now talente
  • How has the GM's role changed?
  • Dan's job as Northern League commissioner
  • Independent league baseball
  • How to get a job in baseball


  • Dan thinks he'll be on the road 3 weeks a month.
  • Dan is now commissioner of the Northern League, which had been on a 2.5 year hiatus.
  • Ben offers to take a team in the Northern League and have the whole BP staff involved in running it.
  • Sam, on running an independent league team: "I wonder how many people in this conversation are joking, because I know at least one of us is not”