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Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and FanGraphs lead prospect analyst Eric Longenhagen convene to discuss the latest epic Padres transaction spree (in which San Diego traded for Blake Snell and Yu Darvish and signed Ha-seong Kim 김하성), touching on A.J. Preller’s penchant for frenetic activity, the Padres’ rebuilt rotation and crowded infield, the prospect packages going to the Rays and the Cubs, the state of the stacked Rays and Padres farm systems, why the Rays traded Snell, what dealing Darvish signifies for the Cubs, salary dumps vs. cost-cutting competitive trades, whether the Padres can catch the Dodgers, and much more.


  • Reviewing recent Padres transactions ("Preller-pacolypse")
  • Padres acquisition of Blake Snell and Yu Darvish
  • Does A.J. Preller deliberately cluster his moves?
  • Signing of Ha-seong Kim
  • Luis Patino, Cole Wilcox, and other prospects involved
  • Reviewing the strength of the Rays' farm system
  • Rays' team building strategy and expectations fans have
  • Prospect return for the Cubs and their timeline for competing
  • What did the Padres give up?
  • Can the Padres catch the Dodgers?
  • How Ha-seong Kim fits into the Padres' roster


  • Meg laments the timing of Preller's flurry of moves, noting that FanGraphs was in the midst of running some 'Best of' content because it is typically a slow time of the year. She is at least thankful that Preller didn't make any moves the previous week.

Email Questions[]

  • T: Is there some strategic advantage in making all your large impact moves at once?  Does Preller’s flurry of moves stop the Dodgers from driving up prices or do they deleverage player’s positioning once club needs are more clearly understood?  Any other reason?
  • Alex: I saw Sam's classic "LOVE this trade for the Rays" tweet brought up again last night, and in reading the Twitter reaction, it almost feels like we've come full circle in six years. Now, since basically any noteworthy trade involves them trading an established guy who dares make a penny above a pre-arbitration salary, we HATE the trade, and any defense almost has to be whispered and caveated. On aggregate, I think this is a positive development -- surrounding our analyses with greater context is good! -- but what does it say about the Rays and the sport in general that we've basically decided to examine their transactions solely in the "everything that's wrong with baseball today" construct?


  • Yu Darvish found out from Twitter that he had been traded.
  • The Padres will have both Yu Darvish and Blake Snell under contract until 2023.