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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the difficulties of disclosing or obscuring the identities of players who hit the injured list after contracting COVID-19, dissect a few new analogies from Scott Boras’s brain, and discuss resuming their season preview series, then (35:47) conclude their week-long celebration of the Negro Leagues by bringing on esteemed Negro Leagues historian Larry Lester to discuss the origins of scholarship about the Negro Leagues, co-founding the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, collecting Negro Leagues artifacts, his relationships with former Negro League players, helping select the Negro Leaguers inducted into the hall of Fame, his efforts to find Negro Leagues box scores and the status of the project to complete the statistical record, the greatest writers who covered the Negro Leagues, his favorite unsung players, the Negro Leagues Baseball Grave Marker Project, how he researched Negro Leagues uniforms and helped obtain pensions for Negro Leaguers, and more (plus a postscript about reading recommendations).


  • Interview with Larry Lester
  • State of Negro Leagues statistics and research
  • Only The Ball Was White by Robert Peterson
  • Cofounding of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum
  • Gathering artifiacts for the NLBM
  • Completing the process of gathering Negro League box scores
  • Importance of Black reporters to the Negro Leagues
  • Participation in Hall of Fame committee
  • "Cannonball" Dick Redding and unrecognized players
  • Efforts to get Negro League player pensions and gravesite markers
  • Recreating uniforms
  • Missing games and statistics
  • Relationships with players
  • Advanced statistics for the Negro Leagues


Natural Resource, "Negro Baseball League"


  • Following up to their discussion in Episode 1559, Ben is eager to talk about Stove League with Meg. Meg has not started the series yet.
  • Ben and Meg discuss the COVID injury list and how player status will be disclosed. Placement on the COVID list does not necessarily mean a player has tested positive.
  • Ben and Meg discuss a series of Scott Boras metaphors from an interview he did with Barstool sports (which they refer to as the Bad Chair Sports Site).
  • The season preview series will resume to cover the final eight teams not discussed in the spring.


  • Larry says that he went to high school with Satchel Paige's children but he never met Satchel.
  • Larry's interest in the Negro Leagues became piqued when he read Only The Ball Was White by Robert Peterson. For Larry when reading this book "folklore became fact".
  • The research Larry and others have done has resulted in documentation of 13-14K box scores from Negro Leagues' games. He hopes to finish the project in the next 12-18 months.
  • Larry led efforts to get a pension for former Negro League players. MLB agreed to provide a $10,000 annual pension for players that played at least 4 years in the Negro Leagues.
  • There is extensive evidence that in 1938 Josh Gibson hit four home runs in one game. However Larry is still seeking out the box score to provided definite proof and balance the statistical record.