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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley review the latest lack of progress toward starting the MLB season, touching on the false hope offered by a meeting between Rob Manfred and Tony Clark, the subsequent breakdown in talks, a poll about where the public places blame for the standstill, what negotiations without leaks would look like, how the parties will proceed, and more. Then they discuss a series of COVID-19 outbreaks in baseball, the feasibility of a safe season, the importance of mask-wearing, and a Scott Boras quote about taking baseball’s temperature, plus a Stat Blast about the players who played for the most World Series-winning teams without appearing in the World Series, and a warning about top prospects’ proximity to trampolines.


  • Episode 1552 follow-up: Uncertainty about the 2020 season
  • Team ownership desire to avoid grievance
  • Tony Clark and Rob Manfred's meeting
  • Universal DH
  • COVID-19 outbreaks at team facilities
  • What if there is a COVID-19 outbreak during the season?
  • COVID-19 rates across the United States
  • Importance of wearing face masks
  • Could the MLB/MLBPA negotiations have been in private?
  • Assigning blame to players and owners
  • Performance of pro sports commissioners
  • Scott Boras' thermometer analogy
  • Players with the most World Series wins without World Series playing time
  • Trampoline injuries and MLB prospects

Stat Blast[]

  • Ben does a Stat Blast on players who were on the most World Series winning teams without ever playing during a World Series.
  • Arndt Jorgens was a backup catcher for the Yankees during the 1930s and part of their team during the 1932 and 1936-39 seasons.
  • 9 of the top 10 players on this leaderboard were on the Yankees.


  • About half of team owners inherited either the team or the wealth used to purchase the team.
  • Meg says she is more optimistic than she has been in recent weeks that baseball will be played, and that if it is not played it will be for reasons other than money.
  • Meg and Ben implore listeners to continue wearing masks when out in public or in/near crowds. Ben details the experience he had traveling to Virginia for a funeral and navigating safety while among family members and crowds.
  • Episode 1548 with Eugene Freedman is referenced several times during the episode.
  • Meg notes that even Scott Boras may have realized that his rectal thermometer analogy was too far since he almost immediately felt the need to explain it.