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Ben Lindbergh, Sam Miller, and Meg Rowley discuss the signings of Hyun-Jin Ryu and Dallas Keuchel, the Blue Jays’ historic 2019 rotation, the depleted pitching market, MLB’s rising revenue and the continued strength of spending on free agents, Jake Odorizzi and the qualifying offer, Nick Senzel’s switch to Scott Boras, and Rich Hill’s arrest(!), then conduct the seventh annual Effectively Wild Minor League Free Agent Draft, selecting 10 minor league free agents each and competing to see whose roster will accumulate the most combined MLB playing time in 2020.



  • Dallas Keuchel and Hyun-Jin Ryu signed contracts, taking the remaining top free agent pitchers off the market.
  • Sam breaks the news to Ben and Meg that Rich Hill and his wife were arrested on Saturday after trying to bring an oversized bag into a NFL game.
  • Sam excitedly gives an update on the Episode 1455 free-agent contracts draft. Sam currently has a $300 million lead.
  • Given the recent surge of free agent signings, there is discussion about whether Jake Odorizzi regrets signing a qualifying offer with the Twins.
  • Following up to an Episode 1470 discussion about players switching to Scott Boras, Nick Senzel switched to being represented by Scott Boras.
  • MLB announced a record-breaking revenue of $10.7 billion in the 2019 season.

Draft Selections[]

Meg's Picks Sam's Picks Ben's Picks
Patrick Wisdom Kyle Finnigan Jose Mujica
Shao-Ching Chiang Matt Harvey Alexander Guillen
Jimmy Yacabonis Socrates Brito Brady Lail
Erik Kratz Caleb Thielbar Max Moroff
Aaron Northcraft Phillip Evans Gosuke Katoh
Pedro Payano Daniel Coulombe Jamie Schultz
Matt Szczur Ryan Cordell Kohl Stewart
Greg Holland Jose Marmolejos Eric Stamets
Sicnarf Loopstock Tyler Heineman Mickey Jannis
Ryan Lavarnway Ryan Merritt Rosell Herrera


  • See Minor League Free Agent Draft for background on the rules of the draft.
  • Jeff Sullivan won the previous draft with a record breaking 1,640 plate appearances/batters faced. The record low is 98 by Ben in the first draft.
  • Sam and Ben are impressed at Meg's level of preparedness for the draft. Meg says she was "nervous about bringing shame on her family." Sam says he is intimidated.
  • Ben is concerned about his pick of Alexander Guillen since he can't find any recent updates about Guillen online.
  • Ben picked Gosuke Katoh, after whom the FanGraphs KATOH minor league projection system is named.
  • After five rounds, Meg goes into a quiet panic because none of the remaining players on her list are very good. Sam teases her, "There are five rounds to go!"
  • Sam admits that he doesn't go strictly in the order he decided upon before the draft started. He'll feel inspired to select a player lower down on his list, and then when a player higher on his list is picked by someone else, he'll spuriously complain, "I was going to pick that guy!" This famously happened in the 2017 draft in Episode 994: Sam had the first pick and didn't select his top choice. Ben chose that player, and Sam complained, "I was going to pick that guy with my first pick!" even though Sam had the first pick and didn't pick him.
  • Matt Szczur's last name is pronounced like "Caesar".
  • Sicnarf Loopstock's first name is "Francis" spelled backward.
  • Sam is surprised that the Astros have just two minor league free agents; most teams have closer to 15.
  • Mickey Jannis is listed at 5' 9". After looking for a pitcher who is that short they find that Marcus Stroman is listed at 5' 7".