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Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller banter about what the Padres’ 2017 Rule 5 trio is up to now, the Mariners’ aggressive Evan White extension, how teams would distribute their spending if every player (amateur or pro) were a free agent but spending were capped at a percentage of MLB revenue, the just-announced All-MLB Team, the White Sox signing Yasmani Grandal, whether the early action on the free-agent market has been at all surprising or encouraging, and the results of Sam’s surveys about a “Baseball Genie” who grants fans of each team’s wishes, with a catch.


  • Episode 1299 follow-up: What happened to the Padres' 2017 rule 5 picks?
  • Signs the Padres' strategy worked
  • Mariners' extension of Evan White
  • How would teams distribute salaries if there were no restrictions?
  • All-MLB team voting
  • When top free agents will sign
  • Yasmani Grandal signing
  • What statistics to include on an award voting page
  • Reviewing the voting results from Sam's survey about 'Baseball Genie'
  • Moneyball Athletics and recent postseason success
  • Seeing Alex Gordon try to score in the 2015 World Series
  • Miguel Cabrera
  • Mike Trout and Brandon Wood
  • Mariano Rivera and Gleyber Torres
  • Yordan Alvarez and Clayton Kershaw's October moments


  • Sam is on vacation but forgot to bring his microphone.
  • Sam and Ben discuss the decrease in audio quality and how Sam sounds like he did on the earlier episodes of the podcast when he recorded in his Honda Fit.


  • Sam gives updates on the three rule 5 picks who the Padres carried on their roster in 2017. Allen Cordoba spent 2019 in high A and performed worse than he did in the majors. Luis Torrents spend the season in AA. Miguel Diaz split time between AA and AAA.
  • Ben and Sam agree that they want the players to have success but would prefer it is not with the Padres so that the team isn't rewarded for this strategy.
  • Evan White spent the season in AA and signed a six-year, $24 million contract extension with the Mariners.
  • The most lopsided results of Sam's 'Baseball Genie' survey was about the Oakland Athletics. 86% of respondents said they would trade the last five postseason appearances in exchange for the 2002 Moneyball team making the World Series.
  • 79% of respondents said they would give up Jorge Soler in exchange for seeing Alex Gordon try to score on his triple in the 2015 World Series.
  • 77% of Tigers fans aid they would give up Miguel Cabrera's triple crown in order for him to be a better player today.
  • There was a 50/50 split among fans as to whether they would have the Twins play an additional 27 years in the Metrodome in exchange for one playoff series win against the Yankees.