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Ben Lindbergh and Meg Rowley banter about the wild NLDS Game 5 between the Dodgers and the Nationals and the wild (in a different way) NLDS Game 5 between the Braves and the Cardinals, touching on Clayton Kershaw’s blown lead and postseason career, what Dave Roberts was thinking and what’s next for him, the Nationals winning a postseason series, the Cardinals’ 10-0 first-inning lead and Jack Flaherty, Cardinals rookie Ryan Helsley and the Tomahawk Chop (1:24:48), the new, higher-drag baseball, and more, then bring on FiveThirtyEight sports editor and lifelong Twins fan Sara Ziegler to talk about Minnesta’s record 16-game postseason losing streak. her positive takeaways from the season, never making the playoffs vs. never winning there, losing by a lot vs. losing by a little, and more.


  • Nationals-Dodgers game 5
  • Clayton Kershaw's relief appearance and playoff struggles
  • Reviewing Dave Roberts' managerial decisions
  • Dave Roberts' future with the Dodgers
  • Nationals ending their long postseason drought
  • Cardinals-Braves game 5
  • Jack Flaherty pitching in game 5
  • Ryan Helsley and the Tomahawk Chop
  • Changes to the ball in the postseason
  • Interview with Sara Ziegler
  • Reflecting on the 2019 season
  • Never making the playoffs vs. never winning in the playoffs
  • Yankees domination of the Twins in the postseason
  • Outlook for the 2020 Twins
  • Toughest types of playoff losses


The Replacements, "Sixteen Blue"


  • Ben and Meg are recording the morning after the NLDS game 5s. Ben has not slept since the games ended.
  • Ben says he was "like a raw nerve" after the Nationals-Dodgers game.


  • Meg was frustrated by how much time TBS spent showing Clayton Kershaw in the dugout after being pulled from the game.
  • Meg comments on how athletes wear silicone wedding rings that are color matched to their team's colors.
  • The Cardinals-Braves game 5 was one of the least competitive games in postseason history when considering in-game changes in win expectancy.