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Ben and Sam answer listener emails about how much steroids help, the best farm systems in baseball, and how they’d try to negotiate a hypothetical trade.


  • Quantifying PED effects
  • Barry Bonds
  • Best farm systems
  • Hypothetical trade scenario involving Justin Upton and Chris Sale

Email Questions[]

  • Aaron: "I'd like Ben to play GM of the Diamondbacks and Sam to play GM of the White Sox. I'd like you to act as the GM, not try to emulate the actual GM. Now, negotiate and finalize a trade centered around Justin Upton for Chris Sale."
  • Sean: "Piggy backing off of your 'who has the farm system to get Justin Upton' segment yesterday, who do you feel have the top 3-5 farm systems in baseball?"
  • Doug: "Could we quantify the effect of PEDs? I am initially inclined to think any player testing positive should be ineligible for the hall, but I do think we can start to have an intelligent debate about the effect. The whole 'PEDs didn't teach Bonds to hit a baseball' argument seems to be rather banal to me, and if they didn't help him significantly why would he risk his own personal health, etc. And yes while MLB did not have an effective testing program PEDs were always against league rules, they were just not effectively policed. So, could we quantify the effect of PEDs? It appears from the investigations that he likely began using in 1998. If you take his PECOTA projections based on aging and historical performance level and use that as a baseline, compare what his actual performance was to this projections."


  • Sam somewhat jokingly suggests Justin Upton, Miguel Montero, and Tyler Skaggs for Chris Sale. More realistically, he thinks that Upton, David Holmberg, and a catching prospect.
  • Jim Callis' recent top organizational rankings were (in order 1-6): Cardinals, Mariners, Marlins, Rangers, Red Sox, Rays.
  • Sam doesn't think the 'how much do steroids help' question has been answered conclusively. Some view it as a 'magic bat' whereas Sam is not so sure. Ben also believes that it is hard to quantify the effect.
  • If Bonds had never taken steroids, Ben thinks that Bonds would have hit somewhere 55 home runs in 2001 (Ben makes this prediction after much consternation).