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January 15, 2013

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Ben and Sam answer several questions submitted but not answered during Ben’s Monday chat.

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Bringing up Baby sound clip

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Sam thinks that a MLB-wide pronunciation guide should be created.

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  • The topics are based on questions that went unanswered during Ben's recent chat at Baseball Prospectus.
  • Sam makes first mention of his two-person fantasy baseball league.
  • Sam, on how strange pitcher mechanics look when watching frame by frame..."and they all have at least one moment where you pause it and vomit in your mouth...and an alien is actually emerging from their chest, and they're bleeding from their anus."
  • Ben thinks Rick Porcello and Eric Hosmer will have a breakout year in 2013. In addition to Porcello, Sam also likes Mitch Moreland, Brandon Morrow, and Peter Bourjos.

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