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February 9, 2018

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Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about two reports citing anonymous sources, Scott Boras’ boat metaphor, “Memento Mori” as a motivational tool, a John Jaso update, and a Patreon plug, then bring on the FanGraphs prospect team (Kiley McDaniel, Eric Longenhagen, and Chris Mitchell) to talk prospect-ranking philosophies, scouting-the-stat-line successes, how record home run rates affect scouting, the Ronald Acuna consensus and the Brendan McKay controversy, and the 10 biggest disagreements between FanGraphs’ stats-based and scouting-based prospect lists.

Topics Edit

  • Prospect rankings
  • KATOH scouting system
  • Balancing hitters and pitchers in prospect rankings
  • Being comfortable with being wrong in prospect rankings
  • Ronald Acuña
  • Brendan McKay
  • Players highly ranked by one system that are unranked by another (details in Notes)

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John Frusciante, "The Will to Death"

Interstitial Edit

The Tragically Hip, "Inevitability of Death"

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The Kinks, "Till Death Do Us Part" and pre-episode banter

Banter Edit

  • Use of anonymous sourcing in Bob Nightengale article about unsigned players.
  • How do you find a player's friends?
  • Scott Boras comparing free agency to the America's Cup and other metaphors
  • Terror Management Theory and basketball study
  • John Jaso text to Fernando Perez
  • Plug for Effectively Wild Patreon page

Notes Edit

  • Jeff: "What in the fuck is Scott Boras talking about!?"
  • Ben: "I want to remind you that you and I are both going to die someday and I tell you that not to put you in a bad mood but possibly to improve your podcasting."
  • Brief discussion about being OK with being wrong about prospect rankings, and handling criticism.
  • KATOH makes use of Clay Davenport's data for defensive inputs.
  • KATOH and scouting rankings both like Ronald Acuña. Brendan McKay rated #22 by scouts, not ranked by KATOH.
  • Top 5 KATOH players that are unranked by scouts: Zack Granite (#6), Trent Grisham (#8), Daz Cameron (#16), Jake Rogers (#17), Anthony Banda (#50)
  • Top 5 scout list players that are unranked by KATOH: Miguel Andujar (#14), Brendan Rogers (#18), Carter Kieboom (#40), Willie Calhoun (#46), Jesus Sanchez (#49)
  • Ben Lindbergh and Mitchel Lichtman's article The Juiced Ball Is Back was nominated for a SABR analytics conference research award.

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